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Business happens after 5pm daily, yet access to most companies usually doesn’t. We are opening the doors to business request all day, everyday. Contact us to get started!

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Hosted Forms

Forms designed for convenience

Paying for a hosted service request form, as opposed to building a website and adding a form to it, has several advantages and may be a more practical choice for many businesses or individuals. You don’t necessarily need a website to have an online form. Request Hawk provides form hosting already!

Payable Forms

Get paid easily

Our solution works great for small clubs, event organizers, first-time sellers, and nonprofits to quickly setup and organize registration and order forms that require payment.

Easy Forms

Forms create an easy to follow process

The process of requesting services from you becomes easy, as customers just know what to do. This is also true for the business, as they know where and how to process new leads with ease.

People just want Easy

Robust Form Creation. Surprisingly simple pricing.

We build it for you, host it for you, and make ourselves accessible to you for any changes you may have as your business grows.


Lean but powerful






Get paid with ease





Lean but powerful






Get paid with ease




Need more reasons to get started?

Simplicity and Speed

Online forms are efficient for collecting structured data quickly and accurately. Users can fill them out at their convenience, and businesses can process the information systematically.

Time is Money

Make it easy for you and your customers.
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No Website Required

Building a website can be time-consuming and may require hiring a web developer. A hosted service request form eliminates the need for website development.

Websites Require Attention

Websites need a domain name, hosting, development, updates, etc.
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The cost of subscribing to a hosted form service is often lower than building and hosting a website.

Lower Costs and Better Results

You don't need a website to handle business, let our forms do the work.
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Businesses can create tailored online forms to collect precisely the information they need, making them versatile for various purposes, such as contact forms, surveys, registrations, and more.

Tell Us What You Need

You know what your needs are and we know how to build it.
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Online forms are accessible 24/7, which benefits users by allowing them to submit forms at their convenience and businesses can receive submissions at any time.

Anytime Submissions

No one wants to take or make phone calls after a long day. Online forms allow for entries anytime.
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Mobile Friendly

Our online forms are designed to be mobile-responsive, allowing users to complete them on smartphones and tablets, increasing convenience and accessibility.

40% of Online Activity

When it comes to business, the majority of business takes place on a desktop, yet mobile responsive forms could change that.
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The best way to let someone know how you would like to be contacted for sevices is through your business card, and that is why we include 100 QR Code business cards with your subscription. Now your customers will just know what to do the next time they would like to request your services. Your cards will look much like the picture you see here, only with your information, colors and logo.

Your questions answered

Common questions

Yes, we charge $25/hr for form changes, and most changes take under 2hrs. Our turn around time for changes will vary based on work load. Usually within 48 hrs of changes being recieved.

We start you off with 100 Business cards, we offer you a shareable form page, we will advertise Request Hawk heavily in the area to create awareness about the service using multiple media outlets. 

Yes, you will have a single webpage on

On that page there will be streamlined information about the business, a picture, and a request form.


If you are needing a payable form you’ll also need a payment processing platform connected to the form. We use Stripe for it’s security and transparent fees. Basically we will sit with you and hook everything up so you can just get paid.

Having a website isn’t a bad idea, and can be a great addition to your marketing toolbox. Our site just helps you save money, streamline business, be in a place people are finding other businesses, and our forms help you organize your leads efficiently.

We use Google reCAPTCHA which is a seamless fraud detection service that stops bots and other automated attacks while approving valid users.